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My name is Michele French.  I am an ACE certified personal trainer. I live in the Racine, WI area.  I hold specialty certifications in Jr. and Sr. fit, and cancer and the older adult with The American Academy of Health and Fitness.  I am also a level 1 nutrition coach with Evolution Nutrition.

I have been actively working as a certified personal trainer since 2002, and loving every minute of it!     

Are you in a place where you are just beginning to figure out how to lose weight?

Have you spent time trying different weight loss programs and found they are not sustainable as a lifestyle?


Spend some time on this site. Read what some of my clients have to say about their personal training experiences.  Feel free to ask questions.  I am happy to answer them. 

Are you thinking about hiring a personal trainer?

Have you been struggling with permanent weight loss?

Just can't seem to figure the "diet" piece out?

Read on and get in touch. We'll connect, chat and figure it out.  My consultations are free.

Fitness and nutrition: It's a lifestyle!




Wondering what type of people I work with?

Well, my practice tends to attract women and men between the ages of 40 and 70 years young.  My studio is unique in that it is private and perfect for 1:1 training for those uncomfortable in a public environment or for those who truly want individualized attention.

I work with a plethora of health issues, from very basic to complex. If necessary, I do refer out.   


Private fitness studio AND ONLINE TRAINING - Racine, wi.

829 South Green Bay Road Suite 102 Racine WI 53406 us  |   Cell: 708-403-4831  |  runonheart@msn.com