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Welcome to the Runonheart Personal Training website homepage!

My name is Michele French and I am an ACE certified personal trainer. I hold specialty certifications in Jr. and Sr. Fit and Cancer and the Older Adult with The American Academy of Health and Fitness and I am a Level 1 Nutrition Coach with Evolution Nutrition.

I have been actively working as a certified personal trainer since 2002, and loving every minute of it!     

Are you in a place where you are just beginning to figure out how to loose weight?

Have you spent time trying different weight loss programs and found they are not sustainable as a lifestyle?
Spend some time on this site....read what some of my clients have to say about their personal training experiences.  Feel free to ask questions.  I am happy to answer them. 

Have you been struggling with permanent weight loss?  Just can't seem to figure the "diet" piece out??

Fitness and nutrition: It's a lifestyle!


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